Our wedding could not have been perfect if it wasn’t for Lisa!

Our wedding could not have been perfect if it wasn’t for Lisa! She has all the insights and contacts in Scotland! We were able to book and finalize everything within a month. We are located in California and she always responded quickly even though she was on the opposite side of the country. She made everything seamless and convenient. From booking a castle, photographer, videographer, celebrant, florist, hair and make up to navigating the marriage visa and schedule process, it was as easy as could be thanks to her! Would recommend her and her company to anyone looking to have as close to a stress free wedding planning process as possible! We are forever grateful to Lisa!

- Moises, California

Every detail was thoughtful and planned perfectly

When Nate said he wanted to get married in Scotland I thought, oh boy great let’s do it. And the very first thing I did was look for a planner because we had no idea how to make that happen. We hit the absolute jackpot when we found and booked Lisa. Lisa has an absolute dream master list of the greatest vendors in Scotland. I am in LOVE with everyone who played a role in making our wedding the best event of our lives. Every detail was thoughtful and planned perfectly and every request I had was honored by Lisa up until basically the day of the wedding. Postponing due to Covid was stressful only in terms of waiting another year- but the actual process was a breeze on our end. Communicating with vendors was handled by Lisa and all the set up for the day of was handled by Lisa- making our time at the castle completely hassle free. We were able to truly enjoy our time with our guests. I cannot imagine having planned our wedding without Lisa. There is no way we could have done it! We had a perfect three days with our guests and as type A as I am, I was able to be completely present on the wedding day and felt 100% confident that everything would go perfect. And it did! Lisa put together a google sheet that I absolutely obsessed over for two years. I loved watching our vendor list grow (LOL) and add in kilt details for our guests, add ideas for our welcome bags, and put together a signature cocktail list. When our itinerary hit, my jaw dropped! Thirteen pages of important moments down to the minute! Who knew a wedding had so much involved! Vendor arrivals and set up? You mean they don’t just show up knowingly at specific times? HUH? What a blessing it was to have an expert on our side because I would’ve been an absolute panicked maniac having to organize 30+ vendors and a billion little details. When we got to Scotland, Lisa was there to take us to get our paperwork (which she completely coached us through getting our visas and paperwork to the registrar so our marriage would be ~real~). We made a stop to get some last minute goodies before going to our perfect venue. She put together really amazing welcome bags while we ran around exploring. Our first day we hosted a really cool lunch, Highland games, had a whisky and gin bar, and a welcome dinner with a fire and s’mores afterwards! Amazing! On the wedding we had the most amazing suppliers all thanks to her list and ideas and go-getter attitude when I brought up my own thoughts and dreams lol. The day after we had clay pigeon shooting and brunch and just a chill day until checkout. Lisa brought back all the guys kilts, helped friends with their own check out and travel, and returned our marriage schedule. We were truly able to just enjoy our time instead of worrying about the little things. What a difference that made! Lisa- I cannot put into words how grateful I am to you and what a beautiful event you helped us put on. Our flowers were incredible, the food- incredible, the venue- incredible. EVERYTHING. I hope one day we get to work together again in some capacity. We will be talking about our wedding for the rest of our lives- it could NOT have been better. I hope everyone decides to have a Scottish wedding and uses your service to have the best day ever!!

- Kara Lotz, Texas

We love you, Lisa! Thank you so much for everything you have done for us. We are eternally grateful ♥

My husband and I live in New York City, and we got engaged in 2019. We knew from the start that we wanted a wedding that was very unconventional, while still including many traditions and a fairy tale experience. Luckily, I came upon Lisa during a wedding expo, and little did I know at that moment that I had met the perfect person, who would make all of our dreams come true. From the start she was sweet, professional, easy to reach, and easy to talk to. She shared plenty of her time with us to go over the many details for our wedding day, there was no task or vendor that was not on Lisa’s list. Wedding in Scotland, check. Castle, check. Owl, check. Quaich, check. Viking officiant, check. Bagpiper, check… and the list goes on. We had a Viking outdoor ceremony, a rehearsal party, and a reception party in a castle. Additionally, every vendor she connected us to were locals who delivered their craft with precision and lots of care. There are no words to express how grateful we are to have had Lisa as our wedding planner, without her our wedding would have been a mess. Consider having a wedding date for 2020, a pandemic postponing our date twice, flights postponed and canceled, guestlist dwindling due to new travel regulations, these are a fraction of the challenges thrown our way. But with Lisa we were able to hold on to our dream wedding. I cannot begin to tell you how many times we were ready to throw the towel, give up, and just have a civil union through zoom in our city. But thanks to Lisa, her commitment to make fairytales a reality, and sincere support to us from the beginning, we held onto to our dream and do not regret a moment of it. Lisa was there for us through thick and thin! Once we arrived in Scotland, she was there to meet us, make sure all vendors were on schedule and ready, surprised us with lovely gifts and heart-aching generosity, and helped my guest and I have a wonderful vacation as well as a perfect wedding day. If you plan to get married in Scotland, she is the right person. I highly doubt that it would be as magical without her hand in the matter. We love you, Lisa! Thank you so much for everything you have done for us. We are eternally grateful ♥

- Peggy P.

“I couldn’t do this without Lisa!”

“I couldn’t do this without Lisa!”  This was the phrase that went through my head and was said aloud countless times over the 8 months (and 3 different wedding dates) that I worked with Lisa Bauer.  Truly – she was a godsend in a chaotic world of COVID-19, moving country, selling a home, quitting a job of 18 years, moving a horse and a dog overseas and navigating the immigration process – all while trying to plan a wedding during uncertain times. So many things I could say about Lisa but maybe the most important – she listens, and she goes about her business with the confidence gained from years of managing and planning weddings of all sizes! 

I moved abroad – to Scotland – in December 2020. This was right in the midst of the UK Coronavirus lockdown. So, while my wedding was taking place in Scotland, due to COVID travel restrictions, I couldn’t see the venue or do any of the things one does as a bride like cake-tasting, menu tasting, etc.  However, Lisa held my hand and that of my fiancé albeit virtually – during these crazy times. There wasn’t a request too outlandish or a change too drastic for Lisa as she calmly and with confidence navigated our date changes with all our vendors not once, not twice but 3 times. And, when it came to the wedding week itself, she was always there making sure all the details were in order and that myself and my fiancé had everything we needed. She checked and double checked with vendors before the big day and astonishingly during the three days of the wedding celebration was able to be in many places at the same time! She was a steady figure in the background and nothing was beneath her – whether it was making a cocktail for guests, steaming my wedding dress and trousseau, making sure all my wedding day accessories were laid out properly, tending to the family dog/ring bearer, seeing to the vendors as they came and went and countless other little and big things, planned and unplanned.

I am extremely meticulous and as a seasoned party planner myself, Lisa exceeded my own very exacting standards during the time we worked together planning my wedding. Despite the chaos in the world leading up to our wedding day, everything went exactly to plan, and it truly was one of the best days of my life. My now husband agrees! It would not have happened without Lisa and her professionalism and experience. Every_single_one of our wedding guests commented positively about Lisa and her truly kind demeanor. That says it all right there. She is truly the best at what she does. She does it all and she does it very, very well.

If you are looking for help planning a destination wedding in Scotland, there is no other choice but Lisa at Tartan Weddings.

- Anne Gavin and Gary Dempster

Lisa is a mastermind of fun, excitement and easy-going vacations!

Lisa is a mastermind of fun, excitement and easy-going vacations! I had her plan my Bachelorette/Hen Party and honestly, I thought all of us being in Scotland would be cool but Lisa made it unforgettable. The itinerary was brilliant, leaving enough time for sightseeing on our own but still packed with incredible adventures, like a speedboat pub crawl! I love when Lisa pitched the idea, she said: “You are in Scotland so of course people wanna go on a pub crawl but how about we make it even more special by doing on a speed boat in the Scottish Highlands of Loch Lomond!” She organized every last detail to where we were gonna stay with a massive group of 10 women; to the busses that would take us from point A to point B (while they pointed out cool things like Winterfell & where to best see the adorable Highland Cows). The cadence was unrushed, she even gave us a light tour day after a massive party night because she knew we would wanna maximize our time in this beautiful country, but that we would likely be hungover so not wanting to do anything crazy – she was so right. It was all perfect! She even had a photographer she recommended Carolyn Henry come spend the whole time with us in order for everyone to be present and not on their phones. This was the most incredible experience! I am someone who has been to 40+ countries in the last 4.5 years and honestly this will change how I travel going forward because it will never be topped. I will be back to Scotland and see what else Lisa has up her sleeve next time. This was magical and life-changing. Book your party, vacation, honeymoon or wedding (or all :)) with tartan weddings and you will be guaranteed to have the best time of your life!

- Jessica Brooks, New York

She was like a sister and a good friend for me.

Where do I begin? Lisa is a special person. She is a kind, caring, genuine soul. Not only did she make every bit of our planning easy and seamless with coordinating and communicating on our behalf, she really took care of us. We felt supported. We worked with Lisa for almost a year before finally meeting her. When I did, I felt immediately connected with her and comforted by her presence. I felt like all was well. She physically took care of every last little detail for us in the 24 hours before and during the wedding ~ from champagne and snacks to feed the crew to a special bottle of whiskey she found for us to enjoy during the ceremony. She was by our sides for whatever we needed. But the most endearing memory of working with Lisa was when we had our photo shoot in the Highlands the next day…she cared for our toddler, brought her snacks, even bought her a little stuffed Highland Cow and kept her occupied the entire time, while my head was still in the clouds. She was like a Sister and a good friend for me when I was worried about everyone else’s needs. I have enjoyed staying in touch and hope we get to see each other again! Oh and she got us in a Magazine ✨✨✨. Love you Lisa!

- Valerie and Aaron Lauritsen, Calgary, Canada

Our friends and family had a trip of a lifetime

My husband James and I wanted to do something different than the weddings we had been to a million times- the golf course, winery or beach wedding.  We love to travel and while watching an episode of Outlander, it struck us that getting married in a castle was exactly what we wanted to do.  I started thinking I was going to plan the entire thing myself online.  We bounced all over continents until landing on the UK as the place for us. I started following all kinds of wedding pages on insta and noticed the same company “Tartan Weddings.”  liking all of the same things that I thought were beautiful.”  I decided to reach out.  Lisa responded almost right away and got on a call with us to better understand what we were looking for.  Being that we wanted a small wedding, I thought it would be way too expensive to have an actual wedding planner help us plan our European wedding.  Lisa broke it down for us and was totally willing to help us work inside of our budget.  She found so many great deals that we would never have found.  Once the planning was well on the way, Lisa suggested that I go on a pre-wedding trip, which I was very apprehensive to do.  Work was crazy but with a little TLC, she had talked me into making the time.  That was one of the better decisions I had made on this journey. She planned the entire trip for me, all I had to do was press print.  Lisa booked all of the appointments and actually scheduled a little bit of fun in there for us as well.  I was BLOWN AWAY.  I could not believe the quality of the vendors that she pre-selected for us. Every vendor was thoughtful and so sincere in loving their craft.  Upon returning home, I couldn’t wait for our wedding.  My fairytale wedding had come alive in front of me! She worked with my mother in law to plan the rehearsal dinner and throw an incredible surprise for us.  I couldn’t believe that this crazy idea in our head manifested into a week well beyond anything we could have ever dreamed of. Our friends and family had a trip of a lifetime and my husband and I started our future together in one of the most special places in the world and I can sincerely say, we would not have found any of it if it were not for Lisa at Tartan Weddings.  If you plan on getting married in Scotland, Tartan Weddings is the first phone call or email you should send.

- Tina and James, San Diego CA

Flawlessly planned every detail

Lisa came into my life shortly after I got engaged. My fiancé and I were strongly considering a destination wedding or elopement to Scotland and I reached out to Tartan Weddings hoping to get answers to a few general questions. After a single phone conversation, Lisa sealed the deal for us. Not only that, but I immediately booked a scouting trip with her to Scotland. That’s how much confidence I had in her from the get-go! It was a dream scenario – a wedding planner who lives in the States (no crazy time change or long distance phone fees!), but from the destination where we were getting married.

We wanted to hire local vendors and Lisa made it happen. She used her existing connections to get expert vendor recommendations. On our scouting trip to Aberdeenshire, Lisa put-together a comprehensive itinerary touring several venues and meeting with potential vendors. I was able to confidently hire almost everyone for the wedding as a result of this trip and Lisa’s help! After deciding to elope, it was extremely important to us that we have kind and professional wedding vendors surrounding us and Lisa created a dream crew! Everyone worked together amazingly and executed their roles to perfection. Even after a scouting trip and hours of planning conversations, Lisa still exceeded all expectations on our wedding day!

As an editor of a wedding magazine, I know the amount of effort and logistical planning it takes to pull-off a wedding. Lisa flawlessly planned every detail and was prepared for virtually every scenario. I was so relaxed on my wedding day, thanks to Lisa, that I was actually freaking people out! I had to pump-up the intensity…

My fiancé is a hard man to please and was absolutely blown away by Lisa. He left all the planning details to the two of us and couldn’t believe what we were able to pull-off. Thank you, Lisa, for making me look like the best wife ever!

Outside of the ceremony, I got the most emotional saying goodbye to Lisa after the wedding weekend. How do you properly thank someone who made all your dreams come true?! We’re already planning a trip back to Scotland and are not-so-subtly trying to have it coincide with one of Lisa’s scouting trips for a reunion!

- Courtney Kellar, Editor of Destination I Do Magazine

Could not have been more perfect!

My new husband and I live in Los Angeles, and had never been to Scotland, but we wanted to get married in a castle, and California is seriously lacking in the castle department! We found a beautiful castle about 30 minutes south of Edinburgh, called Dalhousie Castle. About halfway through planning, I decided we needed a wedding coordinator. Lisa Bauer of Tartan Weddings could not have been more perfect! It turns out she was married in the same castle and walked down the aisle to the same Pixies song! How crazy is that? Lisa is Scottish, and was able to help us navigate the world of weddings in the UK. How much do we tip (if at all)? Why is the meal called a Wedding Breakfast when it’s served at night? What do we need to know when we get there? What should we see and do in Edinburgh? She helped us with all of these questions, and she even went to do the meet and greet with the castle staff to go over all of the tiny details, since we couldn’t afford to fly to Scotland to do that. She Skyped us from the castle and sent video so we could see what the rooms looked like and the chapel where we’d be walking down the aisle, etc. The wedding turned out to be amazing, and our guests were wowed. All of our friends who were like “Why Scotland? Why not Hawaii?” were schooled once they saw the epic, fairytale-esque photos! You’re a life-saver. Thank you Lisa

- Jen Mathews

What an excellent event!

My family had the opportunity to attend an authentic Scottish wedding! The venue was the beautiful Dalhousie Castle and it couldn’t have been more perfect. Everything was handled professionally for 60+guests, more than half coming internationally. Our itinerary including flights, transportation, hotel reservations, event schedule and extracurricular activities were well managed. My six year old son personally loved the evening lantern light-off, the castle ghost tour, and the spectacular delivery of the wedding bands by owl! The event was a three day affair, and everything, including greeting for international guests, kilt rentals, spa treatments scheduling, rehearsal planning and the actual wedding was managed beautifully. The ceremony itself really catered to the couple and included both traditional Scottish traditions (sharing of the whiskey cup) and personal requests (daughter of the bride singing). Lisa was our lovely Scottish local connection to all the area had to offer. The entire experience was more like a fabulously planned vacation. Some of our extracurricular activities included falconry, castle tours, shopping, trying local cuisines, whiskey and gin tasting, the Fringe Music Festival, and Edinburgh’s nightlife scene. Lisa has so much experience with event planning and her knowledge of Scotland and personality are valuable assets in creating that one of a kind experience, with attention to detail and flawless event execution. I can recommend Tartan Weddings enthusiastically without reservations. If you want a luxurious and unique destination wedding, let Lisa do her magic and give you a thoroughly genuine Scottish experience!

- Aimee B.

Attention to every detail!

I attended a Tartan weddings event in a castle outside of Edinburgh. The wedding was full of beautifully organized activities for the guests that made the experience memorable. From an arrival dinner at the castle dungeon restaurant, to an after wedding falconry class (we learned how to handle falcons.) Tartan Weddings even gave us tips on how to get reasonable priced plane ticket from NYC to Edinburgh. And those were only the small details. The wedding was an event to be remembered forever. My newlywed friends looked like a dream. The setting was spectacular from the ceremony to the dancing to a great band everything was exceptionally planed beautifully.

- Nydia P.