Lisa came into my life shortly after I got engaged. My fiancé and I were strongly considering a destination wedding or elopement to Scotland and I reached out to Tartan Weddings hoping to get answers to a few general questions. After a single phone conversation, Lisa sealed the deal for us. Not only that, but I immediately booked a scouting trip with her to Scotland. That’s how much confidence I had in her from the get-go! It was a dream scenario – a wedding planner who lives in the States (no crazy time change or long distance phone fees!), but from the destination where we were getting married.

We wanted to hire local vendors and Lisa made it happen. She used her existing connections to get expert vendor recommendations. On our scouting trip to Aberdeenshire, Lisa put-together a comprehensive itinerary touring several venues and meeting with potential vendors. I was able to confidently hire almost everyone for the wedding as a result of this trip and Lisa’s help! After deciding to elope, it was extremely important to us that we have kind and professional wedding vendors surrounding us and Lisa created a dream crew! Everyone worked together amazingly and executed their roles to perfection. Even after a scouting trip and hours of planning conversations, Lisa still exceeded all expectations on our wedding day!

As an editor of a wedding magazine, I know the amount of effort and logistical planning it takes to pull-off a wedding. Lisa flawlessly planned every detail and was prepared for virtually every scenario. I was so relaxed on my wedding day, thanks to Lisa, that I was actually freaking people out! I had to pump-up the intensity…

My fiancé is a hard man to please and was absolutely blown away by Lisa. He left all the planning details to the two of us and couldn’t believe what we were able to pull-off. Thank you, Lisa, for making me look like the best wife ever!

Outside of the ceremony, I got the most emotional saying goodbye to Lisa after the wedding weekend. How do you properly thank someone who made all your dreams come true?! We’re already planning a trip back to Scotland and are not-so-subtly trying to have it coincide with one of Lisa’s scouting trips for a reunion!

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