Tartan Social

Tartan Social

Tartan Weddings offers a unique and bespoke service for wedding couples with a desire to instantly capture all the behind-the-scenes moments of their wedding celebration for their social media followers, friends and family.

This is the ideal service for couples with an active personal social media presence who want to discreetly capture Instagram worthy occasions from the wedding without having to do it themselves.

Destination weddings often mean that some family and friends are unable to attend. In today’s world, weddings can be experienced by a broader audience via social media.

Brides and Grooms want to remain in-the-moment at their wedding — not on their phones trying to post the day’s events as they happen.

Instead leave the real-time documentation of your Big Day to Tartan Weddings’ experienced Social Media team and don’t miss any of those unmissable moments!

Enhance one of the most important days in your life before, during and after with a bespoke social media experience tailored to your aesthetic as a couple.

Services provided include:
✔️A bespoke Wedding social media account on Instagram.
✔️Pre-Wedding content to include historical, cultural and practical information about the wedding destination, as well as couple-specific content.
✔️Real-time Instagram stories, reels, and static post content created throughout the wedding celebration.
✔️Sharing or reposting appropriate guest content via the wedding hashtag.
✔️Content archived and stories catalogued into Highlight buttons.