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Tartan Weddings By Joyce Young

Award winning Scottish Designer Joyce Young graduated with a BA Hons from the prestigious Glasgow School of Art in 1975. Her career spans over 4 decades. Her designs are sold from her elegant salons in Glasgow and London where her UK and International clients come to see her couture wedding and special occasion designs. The dresses are crafted in her own purpose built studio in Glasgow. Joyce’s signature creations are classic shapes in luxurious fabrics with colour and detail giving each garment its very own unique personality.

Joyce grew up on the west coast of Scotland where the scenery and soft muted colours of the mountains, sea and sky made a big influence on her love of colour and texture. She is passionate about her homeland and believes her preference for soft flowing shapes evolves from the beautiful surroundings of the rolling green hills and wide cloudy skies.

Tartan started to play an important part in Joyce’s designs in 1993 when a friend gave her a Montgomery tartan scarf to make into a garment. Her friend’s tartan outfit won lots of admiration when she attended a function with her husband, he wore his Montgomery kilt and she wore her matching tartan evening outfit. This inspired the idea to design a wedding collection where the bride coordinates with the groom’s kilt and all the colours of the wedding party tone with the groom’s tartan. The majority of Scottish grooms get married wearing a kilt. This is a very strong and colourful look and Joyce feels that the bride should also have a strong presence that balances the groom. Scottish people are very proud of their heritage and enjoy wearing their family or generic tartan wherever they are in the world.

Joyce Young

Joyce feels that Scottish men look resplendent in Highland Dress but that apart from old fashioned looking kilts and blouses that there weren’t many interesting tartan outfits for modern women to wear. She set about designing in tartan and calls the collection Tartan Spirit which embodies the tradition of Scottish heritage in an up to date concept which brings tartan for women into the 21st Century. Her tartan designs have taken her all over the world notably to Fashion Week in Los Angeles and Dressed to Kilt in New York.


Always the artist/designer Joyce is at her happiest surrounded by fabrics in her design studio in Glasgow working on the mannequin creating new ideas which put different tartans together. She feels some tartans are too masculine for her designs which led her to design 2 exclusive tartans which are called Tartan Spirit and By Storm. Tartan usually has a back story explaining what each colour represents. Joyce could say that the purple is for the heather on the hills, the green is for the fir trees, the dark blue is for the deep Scottish lochs and the fuchsia is for the wild mountain flowers. In reality they are “colours Joyce likes“ however the reason she likes these colours is steeped in her Scottish heritage.

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