Scottish Traditions

Scottish Wedding Traditions and Customs

Many Scottish wedding traditions are popular worldwide but some remain exclusive to certain areas of Scotland. We’re here to make sure your marriage is lucky through true authentic experiences.

In certain regions of Scotland, people hide a sprig of white heather within the bride’s bouquet to give her good luck and happiness in the marriage. Similarly, in the northeast, Scots believe placing a sixpence in the bride’s shoes on the day of her wedding would bring the marriage luck.

The wedding scramble is still a beloved tradition in parts of Scotland. As the bride steps into the car, her father throws a handful of coins for the children to collect. This is believed to bring about financial good fortune.

Once the bride and groom are officially declared husband and wife, they take part in pinning the tartan. This ritual symbolizes the acceptance of each spouse into the other person’s family. During the ceremony, a crest of the accepting family is fastened to the other spouse’s tartan by a member of the accepting family. This means the person symbolically becomes a part of their family.

Other Scottish traditions occur at various parts of the day, including jumping the broom, a grand march and ending the day with everyone in a large circle singing Auld Lang Syne which signifies new beginnings. Let Tartan Weddings share these traditions and incorporate them into your big day.

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